A network of passionate families

The idea of Propur came about from a group of visionaries sharing the same passion: growing potatoes. In 2012, twenty-five families of potato growers from across Québec came together and decided to join forces to create Propur. The aim was to maintain the family farm model while adapting to today's market.
A Quebec leader in the potato market, our organization covers more than 2,500 hectares of land and harvests 300 million pounds of potatoes annually. Our production, storage and packaging capacity make us the largest grower-owned marketing organization in Quebec.

By joining forces, today we can offer consumers several high-quality potato brands, as well as seed to growers.

We're all growing together.

At Propur, innovation and authenticity go hand in hand.

  • We may be committed to the family farm, but that doesn’t mean we are afraid to innovate! Creating the Mamzells brand to put potatoes back on Quebecker’s plates or by investing in a new state-of-the-art packaging centre are but two examples of how we are moving forward.
  • By joining the forces of its growers, Propur has positioned itself as the largest potato marketing organization in Québec.
  • Propur offers its members training to help them implement good environmental practices.
  • Propur contributes to Quebec's food autonomy by creating a competitive alternative to potatoes coming from elsewhere in North America. Local agriculture helps reduce GHG emissions from transport and boosts the local economy.

Our mission

To feed Quebecers with tasty potatoes while ensuring the continuity of our family-run farms.